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Security Meets Communications…

When used alone or separately, Individual security and communications technologies can be ineffective because they're vulnerable as single points of failure; and many people will delay action until a warning has been confirmed by another means. To ensure that people act quickly in a disaster, alert notifications need to be delivered simultaneously through multiple kinds of devices. 

Because of the prevalence of bullying and violent incidents, such as Columbine and Sandy Hook, it is vital that schools have fast and efficient emergency communications to save lives. No single technology can meet all of the communication needs, whether emergency or every day, of schools. Thus, MessageNet SEMS combines many different customizable, ADA-compliant technologies to better fit the unique needs of each school.

Because SEMS is not only an emergency notification system, it can also be used for everyday communications, such as bell schedules and morning announcements. SEMS can also serve as a valuable teaching tool. While SEMS has some core, recommended features, it is easily tailored for each schools specific need.


The MessageNet Connections server software product is the foundational platform that drives and coordinates the actions of all other MessageNet solutions and products...Learn More...


Connections software supports web browsers and other user interfaces, integrating and unifying safety and security systems, every day and emergency communications into one powerful system. By integrating pre-existing systems, Connections is very cost effective. MessageNet Connections software is very scalable; you can start with your current needs and incrementally upgrade your system to include additional functionality by simply adding communication, safety and security devices provided by MessageNet or by connecting the systems and devices you already have.

Connections Work With:

  • Digital Signage
  • LED Electronic Signs
  • VoIP & Analog PA Systems


And much more...


  • Computer Pop-Ups
  • Fire System Intergrations
  • Automated Phone Comm.



  • Audio / Visual PA Devices
  • SMS Texting & Paging
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