The need for a 24-hour monitored protection is critical now more than ever. At Alert One, Inc. dba Golden State Contractors, your business and personal security are our top priorities.

Our customers have come to appreciate the peace of mind that is derived from knowing that whenever they pick up the phone and call us, they will be dealing with a voice with whom they have become acquainted over the years. By the very virtue of the longevity of many of our employees, we have developed an in-depth, cognitive familiarity with our customers and their individual needs.

  • Conventional Monitoring / IP Monitoring
  • 2-Call Verification * Residential / Commercial / Industrial
  • Fire & Intrusion
  • 2-Way Voice / VOIP (Voice Over IP)
  • Environmental (e.g., CO2 Detection, Temperature Control)
  • Medical Response Systems
  • Open/Close Reporting

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