You’ve got questions, InetAnalytics has your answers:


    Turning trended data into useful information


  • Scenario 1)  How can you verify that products promising to reduce energy consumption, actually do so?
  • Scenario 2)  When the occupants in your building complain they’re too hot how do you identify the cause?
  • Scenario 3)  What’s the aggregate power of all the electric meters in your building?
  • Scenario 4)  How do earn the maximum potential rebates from your electric utility (typically, up to 50% of the project’s cost)?


InetAnalytics software gets you the answers to all these questions (& more)!


  • Useful reports generated from your own building automation system’s trended data
  • Filter data on any condition, day of the week, & time
  • Compare the performance of anything between different time periods


  • Compatible with any automation system
  • Filter data on any desired dates, days, times, & conditions
  • Standardized data supports performance evaluation over time
  • Works with any type of trended data, including accumulated values (i.e. - KWH meters, BTU meters, etc...)
    • InetSupervisor sells inexpensive utility-grade electric meters that communication on either Modbus or Internet Protocol communication networks
  • Aggregate data from any compatible points (i.e. - KWH of all the buildings on a campus)
  • Save report configurations, so you can regenerate them anytime
  • Automatically email PDF copies to anyone (version 2.0 to be released)
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